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About us

monolithic design studio monolith collection cincinnati

Monolithic Design Studio was created to bring a blend of unique materials and aesthetic to life through visual impact and masterful simplicity. Classic concepts are re-coded for contemporary, sustainable design with a focus on people-oriented spaces and relaxed sophistication, inspired by impeccable proportions, a strong draw to clean lines and the angles of the 80’s. What began as a general obsession with automotive design evolved into custom automobile projects, from off road to race, before unfolding finally into Monolithic Design. With its roots ever-present, the studio now serves as a vessel where integrated way-finding and storytelling through functional object creation can be brought to life across form, format and function. We understand just how possible it is to marry regenerative, high design and environmental sustainability without sacrificing artisan craftsmanship or quality. 


Built from the ground up, Monolithic Design serves as a space under which furniture and homeware collections can blossom alongside special projects with the same aesthetic margins. Freedom to explore the landscape of minimalist and contemporary design drives our process for merging resilience and luxury with spatial integration and user experience through bespoke inventions containing all the right angles. As we venture upward, our scalable operations and manufacturing match demand and volume, while space is maintained for unique clients and projects without sacrificing our imperative lens on design value. It remains crucial to studio ethos to strike an honest, transparent balance between environmental efficiency and highly crafted, industrial design. All projects are imagined, prototyped, and fully created in our midwest studio, and our steel is manufactured and sourced here in the USA. 


We believe that great design should be accessible and ever-lasting, versatile and eco-forward, with an artistic edge to set it apart. From conception to home, great care is taken over the entire creative process in hopes that Monolithic Design becomes a home for form, function, quality and elegance to align in the most considered way. We look forward to creating something unique and special for you, and deeply value like-minded connections, collaboration and shared fascinations. Should any of these passions resonate with you, please reach out. 

- Benjamin Carpenter | Founder

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