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Monolithic Design Studio Monobloc Collection Minimalist tables and benches modern furniture



The Monobloc Collection

Minimal and organic, The Monobloc Collection embraces the naturally asymmetrical nature of wood, while maintaining the minimalist clean lines of a powder coated steel base. Made from 1/8” hot-rolled US steel and incorporating Red Walnut slabs the collection utilizes a sleek and contemporary feel while maintaining the durability and stability of the piece and giving a sense of industrial elegance to any space. Incorporating locally reclaimed Red Walnut slabs, The Monobloc Collection infuses an organic quality into an underlying sculptural design. These beautiful slabs add a warmth and richness to the piece, showcasing each slab’s natural grain patterns and varied hues.

Red Walnut slabs showcase natural grain patterns and irregularities, resulting in a captivating aesthetic that celebrates the beauty of imperfection. These organic elements blend with the sleek and symmetrical design of the steel components. The perfect symmetry of the steel base provides a balanced contrast to the organic qualities of the wood, creating a visually striking and harmonious composition embracing the beauty of both precision and natural irregularity.

By combining aesthetics with sustainable materials, The Monobloc Collection offers a conscious choice for those seeking both style and environmental consciousness.

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