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The Monolith Collection

Powerful and resolute, the Monolith Collection aims to impose a resilient presence as you enter the room, sitting at the intersection of art and generational impact, eschewing the temptations of fast-furniture brands to design from margins. This collection of future proof objects are actualized from earthen, infinitely recyclable and nearly indestructible materials designed to be loved and enjoyed for generations. Brought to life through a feeling of permanence, pieces demonstrate personality and unyielding durability, and yet with a slight change of perspective, will narrow to the slimmest of silhouettes and integrate seamlessly into their surroundings. At one glance an impenetrable wall becomes a sweeping vista. 


The Monolith Collection was designed to explore the interaction between object and user – sculpture and viewer – with a deep understanding that the items we surround ourselves with have an innate power to enhance mood through form and function. We know that strategic design makes a difference to users via the interdependence of the built environment and the natural world. This collection echoes the sentiment of mutual respect between humans and objects, and each handmade piece is designed and built with intention and craftsmanship, made from the most generationaly circular material on the planet. 


As it increasingly becomes more crucial to satisfy our instinctual draw to nature, and to leave the planet better than we found it, the seating and surfaces of the Monolith Collection offer an opportunity to connect to our roots while maintaining creature comforts. Objects are made to surprise and delight, towing the fine line between the natural and the modern, while altering the indoor experience in a way that is creative, open minded and restful. We hope the Monolith Collection encourages wonder in your chosen spaces while promoting the essentials: timelessness, artistry and practicality.

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