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Sleek, minimalist bar stools for homes or commercial spaces, designed with style and comfort in mind. 


The Flection Barstool is consistent in form to its relative, the Flection Chair, but at greater heights. Clean, geometric planes evoke an extraordinary visible depth through bold minimalist elements and curated highs and lows. The Flection Barstool expresses comfortable, contemporary luxury with vitality and ingenuity. 


Adapted for elevation and entertainment, this piece exhibits comfort through body-harmonious flection points, ideal for gathering in association and company to enjoy meals, beverages and conversation. Each barstool tucks gently under higher surfaces, and collectively displays a visual linear rhythm of mutable planes and forms. The Flection Barstool is intended to emphasize its surroundings while extending a modern welcome as well as a place to break from the pace of life sheerly for enjoyment. 


6 finishes; ⅛” hot-rolled US steel with a sleek powder coating.


  • Seat Back Height: 34 3/4”
    Seat Height: 25”
    Seat Height w/ Cushion: 27”
    Seat Depth: 14 1/4”
    Seat Width: 14”
    Base Dimensions: 17 x 14”

  • very piece is handmade. Please expect a four week turnaround on orders with 5 or less items. If you’re ordering a higher quantity, timelines will be directly communicated with you throughout the ordering process.


    Items are shipped with the utmost care and security, and each shipment is insured.


    A flat shipping cost of $200 will be charged for single pieces. Orders with 3-8 pieces are shipped for $400 flat.


    You will receive a tracking number with each order. 

    For questions about your order, please email

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