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Handmade, modern chair for homes, offices or gathering spaces made from sustainable, industrial strength steel. 


The Flection Chair is an enduring, sculptural lounge chair; defined by hand-forged, industrial strength and a forthright silhouette. Carefully calibrated proportions lend comfort and refinement to a mutable form that dramatically shifts with perspective. The Flection Chair demonstrates elegant minimalism, merging planular balance with harmony and grace.  


Ergonomic design is intended to play with the notion of gravity by mirroring the natural flection points of the body. As one interacts with the piece, they are comfortably pulled to an instinctive sitting position, optimal for reprieve and relaxation. The Flection Chair adapts to any space with versatility while aesthetic and comfort remain uncompromised. Seeming opposites are softly blended; that of contemporary, austere design and absolute restfulness. The result is a portrayal of what we increasingly yearn for in our spaces, an intersection of the natural, functional and resilient, intended to be  enjoyed for generations. 


6 finishes; ⅛” hot-rolled US steel with a sleek powder coating.  


  • Seat Back Height: 27 3/4”
    Seat Height Cushion: 18”
    Seat Height w/ Cushion: 20”
    Seat Depth: 18 1/2”
    Seat Width: 18”
    Base Dimensions: 23 x 18”

  • Though every piece is handmade, we understand the importance of quick and efficient manufacturing and ensure a strong and reliable collaboration on timeliness as well as consistent transparency between designer and client. 


    For orders containing 6 or more items, lead times will be directly communicated with you throughout the ordering process. For orders containing 5 or less items, please expect a four week turnaround. 


    Items are shipped with the utmost care and security, and each shipment is insured. 


    A flat shipping cost of $200 will be charged for single pieces. Orders with 3-8 pieces are shipped for $400 flat. 

    You will receive a tracking number with each order. 

    We aim to accommodate client needs. For questions about your order, lead times or deadlines, please email

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