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Simple steel side table with industrial strength and an eco-forward, modern design, perfect for living spaces, bedrooms and offices. 


Refined, resolute angles and a dynamic silhouette are the hallmark of the Stratum Side Table. Structure merges with unyielding strength, intended to emphasize spatial surroundings through function and simple form. The Stratum Side Table lends a sweeping, straightforward surface with minimalist sensibility. 


Emulating the great and unwavering mesas of the natural west, this side table stands as an established ample surface, ideal for books, plants, beverages or treasures of choice. At an alternate perspective, the obstinate geometric planes of the Stratum Side Table coalesce into simple clean lines for a seamless integration into the room, subtly shifting form between a contemporary sculptural object and a useful home artifact. This piece looks great in pairs but stands beautifully alone alongside couches, chairs or beds. 


6 finishes; ⅛” hot-rolled US steel with a sleek powder coating.


  • Height: 24”  
    Depth: 24”
    Width: 24”
    Feet Width: 2”

  • Every piece is handmade. Please expect a four week turnaround on orders with 5 or less items. If you’re ordering a higher quantity, timelines will be directly communicated with you throughout the ordering process.


    Items are shipped with the utmost care and security, and each shipment is insured. 


    A flat shipping cost of $200 will be charged for single pieces. Orders with 3-8 pieces are shipped for $400 flat. 



    You will receive a tracking number with each order. 

    For questions about your order, please email

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