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Narrow, handmade side table with a contemporary design, ideal for small living and gathering spaces. 


The Svelte Stratum Side Table is surface-area in condensed form, donning the ability to blend with and accentuate a room through bold, industrial consistency. Performing with the same angular dynamism as its broader mate, the Svelte Stratum Side Table is concise, proficient and versatile, forged with balance and nuance in mind. 


For more narrow spaces that require optimized function, this succinct surface maintains an unwavering balance and structure, despite its slender form. The Svelte Stratum Side table is designed to help solve spatial puzzles without compromising sophistication or purpose, allowing the aesthetic of a space to remain uninterrupted. Its refined profile and keen angles are inspired by the essence of beloved modern infrastructure, with an overall personality that is modest and unobtrusive. 


6 finishes; ⅛” hot-rolled US steel with a sleek powder coating. 


  • Height: 34”  
    Depth: 18”
    Width: 12 1/4”
    Floor to Shelf Height: 23”
    Shelf to Top Height: 11”
    Feet Width: 2”

  • Though every piece is handmade, we understand the importance of quick and efficient manufacturing and ensure a strong and reliable collaboration on timeliness as well as consistent transparency between designer and client. 


    For orders containing 6 or more items, lead times will be directly communicated with you throughout the ordering process. For orders containing 5 or less items, please expect a four week turnaround. 


    Items are shipped with the utmost care and security, and each shipment is insured. 


    A flat shipping cost of $200 will be charged for single pieces. Orders with 3-8 pieces are shipped for $400 flat. 


    You will receive a tracking number with each order. 

    We aim to accommodate client needs. For questions about your order, lead times or deadlines, please email

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